Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Row Row Row

two weeks, then its time to PR on the 2k row

Now last year I posted about competing and testing yourselves. and just so you know im not full of Sh#t
last year I competed  in several events,I dont do this to brag, but to show you I follow my own advice

World indoor rowing championship..placed 42nd
Maine fittest games- placed 3rd
fight gone bad 5- placed 3rd

and this year Ill do even more

Hybrid challenge, placed 5th
World indoor rowing championship- I hope to pr by at least 5 seconds
Crossfit Sectionals, regional s, then games---although Ill be happy just to break top 20 at sectionals
Maine Fittest games
Fight gone bad 6
and whatever else i can find

Now why do I do this, whats the point?
In our society there is no More real adventure, its the daily grind, get up go to work go home eat sleep repeat. I thinks its vital to fill your life with excitement and adventure, through physical tests, through mental test, through emotional tests,and spiritual tests, and it is in my opinion, that crossfit, and especially competing on this level that fulfills all the above. So this year step outside your comfort zone, break the mold and abolish your hum drum cycle and get out there an kick some ass.. Do it.
Get some.


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