Friday, May 27, 2011

Im a Bulletproof Tiger


Attitude: Can be a good thing....

How do you approach your crossfit WOD. Do you half ass it, game it, over-strategize it. Do you take a long break in between sets hoping to catch your breath, thinking about your next set of 5. Do you approach it lazily and just go through the motions...

Or do you get pisssedddddd. Rip that bar off the ground like its trying to attack your loved ones. Run like a pack of zombies are after you. Keep going till you taste the bile in the back of your throat. keep pushing till you collapse on the floor happy and exhausted.
How you approach a workout is similar to how you approach life. Give it all you got, don't settle for 50% don't ever ever ever utter the word  CANT, don't ever settle. Just pick the damm bar up, NO an extra 5 seconds isn't going to help, just keep moving. Life is meant to be conquered and lived, and you need to approach it VICTORIOUS like a king, or queen. Take it, and make it yours. never ever ever quit.
Find something that pumps you up, gets your blood pumping, Focus on it let it build, use that raw emotion to carry you through the WOD, and  Life. get pissed, get angry, get happy, whatever. just approach it with emotion and never back down.

Here's some kick ass music , the title pretty much sums up what im trying to say.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Reflection on the Week


Ok so now that Ive seen it on paper, WHAT now

1- Tighten the F#$#king diet up, stop caving in like a wimp every time someone waves a brownie in my face
2- Some more calories from Good food, post WOD. Also I don't think I was hydrating enough. More Water.
3- Workout Volume is ok, going to Add more Long Metcons and a bit more cardio. I will use Active Rest days, Light row, or easy run to fill the days when my body feels like it went through the meat grinder
4-Need to set specific training goals. ( So here we go )
--Run at least two 5k's this year Try to get 22 minutes
--Win Maine Fitness games
--550 lb deadlift- 400 lb squat--200lb shoulder press
--sub 4 fran

5-Remember that it all about having fun.

Well let me know what you guys though about my week. I thought it would be an interesting way to see what the typical week of an average crossfitter was. Drop me a comment and stuff. See you all out there. GET SOME

Monday, May 23, 2011

Life of the Avergae Joe--Friday and Saturday


slept in till 6:30 , was too beat up so I decided to skip the am workout, breakfast 4eggs, coffee juice
8am- Work, coffee, computers, etc etc, snacks banana apple, nuts
11:30- lunch- steak and broccoli
12pm- noon WOD, Fran, then rest then did Main site WOD 50 squats, 30 dips. OMG this one anihilated me
4:30pm leave work head to meet the dudes so I can go camping for the night.
5:30pm- Let the Gluttony begin. Dinner Chicken basket and Poutine,( french fries cheese and gravy )
6:30pm hike 20 minutes to the cabin. Then hike 1/2 way back and Chain saw a tree Cause chainsaws are awesome, then deadlift and throw the tree. Arrrggggg
7:30- Start hanging with the dudes, and eat lots of cake, and other goodies my Buddies wife made for us. Yummm
2am- Dispatch two Nuisance porcupines who were Chewing at the cabin floor. then go to sleep

8am wakeup. breakfast eggs and sausage
10am play some D&D cause  yes Im a nerd, but a nerd who can lift 535 lbs
1pm hike out, head home, lunch some ham, and some more brownies
6pm- head to the movies with the wifey, have a dinner of Popcorn
10pm sleep time

Wow--when you fall off the paleo wagon, you really can fall off. LOL

Friday, May 20, 2011

Life of the Average Joe-- THURSDAY


In memory of Macho Man. RIP buddy.. Ohhh yeeeaahhhh

5:30am breakfast 4 eggs, juice, coffee
6:00am mobility stretching
6:45am head to colby teach Colby Am Crossfit Class
8am Work day, coffee, computers, nonesense
11:30 lunch, steak, and an apple, soem mixed nuts
noon WOD. Maine site, Weighted pullups 7x2, then 2k light row, then pullup ladder, made it to 15 minutes
1pm back to work, coffee, blah blah, computers
5pm head home cook dead cow, and some broccoli
6:30pm chill w wifey watch some tv
9pm head to bed, read my bible chapter

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life of the Average Joe--WEDNESDAY

5am- wake the heck up, drink some cofee, breakfast 3eggs and some juice
6am- Head to the GLOBO to work out with my Freind Sue. Strength: Bench 5x3's, then we did Endurance 5x400m w 60 s rest
8am- Work, cofee, cofee, computers,
11:30am- lunch, 6 oz trout, an apple trail mix
12pm- noon WOD, Deadlift practice. Then Crossfit Endurance site
1pm- finish trout, eat an apple, drink some VitaCoCo, more cofee, etc etc
5pm- head home make dinner, PIGout-- Steak and Cheese :(  not paleo but dammm tasty
6:30pm chill with wifey, watch a movie
7:30pm snack dammmm u Peanut M&M's
8:30pm head to bed, read my Bible chapter, fall asleep by 9:15

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life of the Average Joe- ---Tuesday


5am- wake the heck up, drink some cofee, breakfast 3eggs and some juice
5:45am- Mobility work, stretchy stretch cause Im sore like a mofo
6:45am- head to Colby Gym to teach my Morning Crossfit Class. Get in a WOD, and some front squat practice
8am- Work, cofee, cofee, computers, Blah blah blah. eat a banana, more coffee etc etc
11:30am- lunch, 6 oz trout, an apple trail mix
12pm- noon WOD, Main site, 7X2 heavy thrusters.. UGG, rest....then 4X200 m sprints
1pm- finish trout, eat an apple, drink some VitaCoCo, more cofee, etc etc
5pm- head home make dinner, Hamsteak, and collard greens
6:30pm chill with wifey, watch some Dr Who, cause its awesome,
7:30pm snack, almond butter and honey
8:30pm head to bed, read my Bible chapter, fall asleep by 9:15

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life of the Average JOE- MONDAY


4:50am wakey wakey. Breakfast 4 eggs and a Glass of Juice,Drink some cofee, take my vitamins and fish oil so I can be a strong little hulkster
5:30am kiss the wife then head to the gym,
6am Main site WOD 3 dealift 315lbs, and 7 pushpress 115. 5 minute amrap ( 7 rounds ). Rest: Backsquat practice, then Shoulder press practice
7:30am Work, sit in my chair drink coffee, have a banana, fix computers.
11:30am Lunch - 8 oz Trout, an apple and some nuts
12pm WOD #2  Fight gone Bad- 1 round knockouts.( go as hard as you can for 1 round then rest while your partner goes ) do this for 3 rounds
1pm- back to work sit in chair, drink cofee, fix computers, try to stay awake. Eat rest of trout, and an apple
5pm head home, cook up some dinner. steaks red peppers and broccoli. and 1 beer..( Not Paleo but oohh so tasty )
6:30 pm. veg out with the wifey watch a movie
8:00pm get my lunch ready for the next day get cofee pot ready
8:30pm read my bible verse, chat with wifey and then head to bed

Monday, May 16, 2011

Life of the Avergae JOE-- SUNDAY

Im going to be doing a week long post. About the week in the life of Average Joe crossfitter. No Endorsements, No fancy training sessions, just real world grit and determination. Not taking away anything from the Hardcore Bad-asses like Mikko, Grahm, or Spealer, juts figured it would be cool to see how the Average dude grinds it out on a weekly basis

wake up 7 am
take dog out, make some coffee, feed the dog and cat, Take the dog out once again.
7:30- breakfast 4 eggs, and  a banana
8:00 WOD time. 15 min AMRAP- 5 squat cleans ( 135 ) 5 strict pullups. -score 10 rounds: Rest 5 minutes, then shoulder press 135 lb 5X5. Rest 5 minutes, 400 meter sprints. 4. w 60 sec rest.
9:00 shower
10:00 Church time. Get my God Wod in
12:00pm Walmart for a few items. ( Snag a Juice and some almonds )
12:30pm Lunch time, bacon, and a salad. Yummm
1:30pm Chore time, bang em out Crossfit style. For time..3.2.1..go ( I wonder if Spealer has to clean his toilets )
2:30pm Done now its time for some down time. CIV 5 Video game here I come
4:30pm chill with the wifey
5:30pm cook some dinner, steak, and a salad
6:30-8pm Veg with the wifey on the couch.
8pm prepare my lunch for tomorrow, and my morning coffee and my workout clothes and work clothes
8:30pm hop in bed, Read my daily Bible verse ( 2 spiritual WODS in one day woo hoo ), and then check out Facebook.. Im not an addict, then, then read my book for a bit
9:30pm lights out time for bed

That's how we do it................




I am a crossfitter adrift in the sea of GLOBOGYMS. Each morning I get up at 5 eat my eggs drink my coffee, then go crossfit at a local GLOBOGYM. I walk through the front door, and am greeted by a nice lady, who doesn't know my name, doesn't care why Im there. I tell her my number 2XXX and to her thats all I am. Im Mr 2XXX. I go into the gym try to find a spot to do my workout, dodge meat heads doing bicep curls, and ladies bouncing on the Bosu ball. Its isolating, its lonely. And I miss my community.

One of the reasons why crossfit works so well is the community. The sense  of camaraderie, the feeling of belonging. Thant band of brothers, or sisters, type feeling you get from sweating, grunting, and lying exhausted in a pool of drool and sweat after a Grace, or Fran workout. Its cheering till the last one finishes, and then giving them a sweaty ol hug when they PR. It screaming as a 60 year old lady pr's on her deadlift and hits 135 for the first time. It cheering for the guy who's, beating you in the competition, and then congratulating him for kicking your ass. How sick is that. Its the crossfit community. It eliminates assholes, and terminates douchebags. It strengthens the weak, and lifts up the wounded. Its a feeling you cannot find at any other type of gym, no p90x class, no zumba, no GLOBO will ever be able to come close to duplicating it. In my opinion it the most important element of the crossfit experience.
Think of it this way, if someone want to lose weight or quit smoking, do the doctors tell them to try it alone.. No.. they try to get them to go to a weight loss group or a smoking cessation class. Its the same principal. If you want to get in shape, be healthier, and enjoy life, find a crossfit gym. And get in on that community love.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Crossfit Open WHOOPED MY ASS


 First off special thanks to the people who helped me get through the Crossfit opens. Crossfit 321 , Chris P, Sheila L, Karen W, Sue P, and my beautiful wife Lorica

So Ive been a slacker and haven't updated this in a very long time. Ill explain a bit. But as Ive always said. NO EXCUSES, just move on and get work done.

The open was a 7 week long journey that brought about some very interesting positive and negative experiences.
First off I got sick the night before the first workout was announced. I came down with probably the worst chest cold Ive ever had. I couldn't breathe and my nose would not stop running.
Workout 1- Double unders and power snatches: I performed poorly on this workout, I chalk it up to my head and chest cold, but my double unders were horrible, I will do this one again. Weakness ( technique and endurance )
Workout 2-  Light Dead-lift, Pushups, Box-jump. Thankfully I had a full week to recoup from the first workout due to technical difficulties on crossfit side. So my cold was a little better. I performed this workout twice. And improved the second time. I did it at Crossfit 321, and the crowd helped to ignite that competitive fire.     ( Weakness- Endurance, Strength- Pushups )
Workout 3- Squat clean and jerk. I loved everything about this workout. Performed it twice, and improved again the second time. ( Weakness- Endurance; Strength-squat cleans)
Workout 4- A horrible combo of barbell facing burpees, overhead squats and muscle ups. This one was extremely stressful and I only performed it once, but again the Crowd at crossfit 321 was awesome. I breezed through the burpees, and the Overhead squats went really fast, then it was time to face muscle ups, I had done my first muscle up only 3 weeks prior and was extremely nervous. My first attempt was wobbly and I missed it, but with metallica blasting in the background and the crowd yelling I nailed my first one, It was glorious, I cannot describe the feeling, it was just awesome. I attempted again and missed, then I finally nailed my second one, and I went bezerk, it was an awesome day. ( Weakness- Muscle up technique, Strength-Determination and mental toughness)
Workout 5- Power cleans, toes to bar, and wallballs. I felt good about this one, it was a long AMRAp so I knew I would tire so I picked a pace and stayed with it. My technique was bad on toes to bar, but I excelled on the other two. It went well and I was very happy with the performance.                                                     ( Weakness- Technique/endurance. strength-wallball)
Workout 6- Thrusters and Chest to bar, fran on steroids. I TOTALLY underestimated this one. I thought my strength on thrusters would carry me through this workout and was ground to a halt after I hit the wall on the round of 12. Chest to bar wore me down and I just couldn't get my wind back. But the Crowd at crossfit 321 was awesome. ( Weakness- Chest to bar/Endurance, Strength- Thrusters )

Conclusions and reflections: while the competition was fun, it was also a very stressful seven weeks, constantly shifting your training so you don't injure yourself, or overdue it, and also the anticipation of the next workout, eventually mentally got to me. I learned alot about my capability as an athlete and how to just keep moving. I know I need to improve my Endurance and Cardio, and I will be throwing in many longer met-cons and additional crossfit endurance workouts to help facilitate this. i also need to get my shoulder strength up, my overhead and pullups will be much stronger when I get my shoulders stronger. But overall it was a very good experience and it helped me grow as a crossfit athlete. I finished in the top 5 for Maine on many of the workouts and overall I finished 217 in the northeast not too shabby.