Monday, May 16, 2011



I am a crossfitter adrift in the sea of GLOBOGYMS. Each morning I get up at 5 eat my eggs drink my coffee, then go crossfit at a local GLOBOGYM. I walk through the front door, and am greeted by a nice lady, who doesn't know my name, doesn't care why Im there. I tell her my number 2XXX and to her thats all I am. Im Mr 2XXX. I go into the gym try to find a spot to do my workout, dodge meat heads doing bicep curls, and ladies bouncing on the Bosu ball. Its isolating, its lonely. And I miss my community.

One of the reasons why crossfit works so well is the community. The sense  of camaraderie, the feeling of belonging. Thant band of brothers, or sisters, type feeling you get from sweating, grunting, and lying exhausted in a pool of drool and sweat after a Grace, or Fran workout. Its cheering till the last one finishes, and then giving them a sweaty ol hug when they PR. It screaming as a 60 year old lady pr's on her deadlift and hits 135 for the first time. It cheering for the guy who's, beating you in the competition, and then congratulating him for kicking your ass. How sick is that. Its the crossfit community. It eliminates assholes, and terminates douchebags. It strengthens the weak, and lifts up the wounded. Its a feeling you cannot find at any other type of gym, no p90x class, no zumba, no GLOBO will ever be able to come close to duplicating it. In my opinion it the most important element of the crossfit experience.
Think of it this way, if someone want to lose weight or quit smoking, do the doctors tell them to try it alone.. No.. they try to get them to go to a weight loss group or a smoking cessation class. Its the same principal. If you want to get in shape, be healthier, and enjoy life, find a crossfit gym. And get in on that community love.


Sue Paradis said...

I totally agree with you, Mike. I only wish I could join you at the Globogym for a workout more often. My fitness has suffered tremendously since leaving the gym. I just don't have the same motivation that I used to. My schedule prevents me from early morning workouts at a gym and I haven't worked up the gumption to go it alone at my house very much. I do find enjoyment in Zumba, but I know it's just for fun, not fitness.

I hope as the school year winds down I will be able to work out with my friends again. You should be proud that at least you are still working out...

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