Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Reflection on the Week

Ok so now that Ive seen it on paper, WHAT now

1- Tighten the F#$#king diet up, stop caving in like a wimp every time someone waves a brownie in my face
2- Some more calories from Good food, post WOD. Also I don't think I was hydrating enough. More Water.
3- Workout Volume is ok, going to Add more Long Metcons and a bit more cardio. I will use Active Rest days, Light row, or easy run to fill the days when my body feels like it went through the meat grinder
4-Need to set specific training goals. ( So here we go )
--Run at least two 5k's this year Try to get 22 minutes
--Win Maine Fitness games
--550 lb deadlift- 400 lb squat--200lb shoulder press
--sub 4 fran

5-Remember that it all about having fun.

Well let me know what you guys though about my week. I thought it would be an interesting way to see what the typical week of an average crossfitter was. Drop me a comment and stuff. See you all out there. GET SOME


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