Friday, May 20, 2011

Life of the Average Joe-- THURSDAY

In memory of Macho Man. RIP buddy.. Ohhh yeeeaahhhh

5:30am breakfast 4 eggs, juice, coffee
6:00am mobility stretching
6:45am head to colby teach Colby Am Crossfit Class
8am Work day, coffee, computers, nonesense
11:30 lunch, steak, and an apple, soem mixed nuts
noon WOD. Maine site, Weighted pullups 7x2, then 2k light row, then pullup ladder, made it to 15 minutes
1pm back to work, coffee, blah blah, computers
5pm head home cook dead cow, and some broccoli
6:30pm chill w wifey watch some tv
9pm head to bed, read my bible chapter


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