Monday, May 16, 2011

Life of the Avergae JOE-- SUNDAY

Im going to be doing a week long post. About the week in the life of Average Joe crossfitter. No Endorsements, No fancy training sessions, just real world grit and determination. Not taking away anything from the Hardcore Bad-asses like Mikko, Grahm, or Spealer, juts figured it would be cool to see how the Average dude grinds it out on a weekly basis

wake up 7 am
take dog out, make some coffee, feed the dog and cat, Take the dog out once again.
7:30- breakfast 4 eggs, and  a banana
8:00 WOD time. 15 min AMRAP- 5 squat cleans ( 135 ) 5 strict pullups. -score 10 rounds: Rest 5 minutes, then shoulder press 135 lb 5X5. Rest 5 minutes, 400 meter sprints. 4. w 60 sec rest.
9:00 shower
10:00 Church time. Get my God Wod in
12:00pm Walmart for a few items. ( Snag a Juice and some almonds )
12:30pm Lunch time, bacon, and a salad. Yummm
1:30pm Chore time, bang em out Crossfit style. For time..3.2.1..go ( I wonder if Spealer has to clean his toilets )
2:30pm Done now its time for some down time. CIV 5 Video game here I come
4:30pm chill with the wifey
5:30pm cook some dinner, steak, and a salad
6:30-8pm Veg with the wifey on the couch.
8pm prepare my lunch for tomorrow, and my morning coffee and my workout clothes and work clothes
8:30pm hop in bed, Read my daily Bible verse ( 2 spiritual WODS in one day woo hoo ), and then check out Facebook.. Im not an addict, then, then read my book for a bit
9:30pm lights out time for bed

That's how we do it................


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