Monday, May 23, 2011

Life of the Avergae Joe--Friday and Saturday

slept in till 6:30 , was too beat up so I decided to skip the am workout, breakfast 4eggs, coffee juice
8am- Work, coffee, computers, etc etc, snacks banana apple, nuts
11:30- lunch- steak and broccoli
12pm- noon WOD, Fran, then rest then did Main site WOD 50 squats, 30 dips. OMG this one anihilated me
4:30pm leave work head to meet the dudes so I can go camping for the night.
5:30pm- Let the Gluttony begin. Dinner Chicken basket and Poutine,( french fries cheese and gravy )
6:30pm hike 20 minutes to the cabin. Then hike 1/2 way back and Chain saw a tree Cause chainsaws are awesome, then deadlift and throw the tree. Arrrggggg
7:30- Start hanging with the dudes, and eat lots of cake, and other goodies my Buddies wife made for us. Yummm
2am- Dispatch two Nuisance porcupines who were Chewing at the cabin floor. then go to sleep

8am wakeup. breakfast eggs and sausage
10am play some D&D cause  yes Im a nerd, but a nerd who can lift 535 lbs
1pm hike out, head home, lunch some ham, and some more brownies
6pm- head to the movies with the wifey, have a dinner of Popcorn
10pm sleep time

Wow--when you fall off the paleo wagon, you really can fall off. LOL


Rich said...

i like the term "dispatch"!!

Anonymous said...

poor little porcupines. I bet they were tiny babies with big brown soulful eyes. At least tell me you guys made porcupine stew or something.

Steve Fluet - Owner/Head Coach said...

Mike - So how do I go about adding a post about my training etc as I prep for the CF Games. Thanks

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