Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life of the Average Joe--WEDNESDAY

5am- wake the heck up, drink some cofee, breakfast 3eggs and some juice
6am- Head to the GLOBO to work out with my Freind Sue. Strength: Bench 5x3's, then we did Endurance 5x400m w 60 s rest
8am- Work, cofee, cofee, computers,
11:30am- lunch, 6 oz trout, an apple trail mix
12pm- noon WOD, Deadlift practice. Then Crossfit Endurance site
1pm- finish trout, eat an apple, drink some VitaCoCo, more cofee, etc etc
5pm- head home make dinner, PIGout-- Steak and Cheese :(  not paleo but dammm tasty
6:30pm chill with wifey, watch a movie
7:30pm snack dammmm u Peanut M&M's
8:30pm head to bed, read my Bible chapter, fall asleep by 9:15


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