Friday, May 27, 2011

Im a Bulletproof Tiger

Attitude: Can be a good thing....

How do you approach your crossfit WOD. Do you half ass it, game it, over-strategize it. Do you take a long break in between sets hoping to catch your breath, thinking about your next set of 5. Do you approach it lazily and just go through the motions...

Or do you get pisssedddddd. Rip that bar off the ground like its trying to attack your loved ones. Run like a pack of zombies are after you. Keep going till you taste the bile in the back of your throat. keep pushing till you collapse on the floor happy and exhausted.
How you approach a workout is similar to how you approach life. Give it all you got, don't settle for 50% don't ever ever ever utter the word  CANT, don't ever settle. Just pick the damm bar up, NO an extra 5 seconds isn't going to help, just keep moving. Life is meant to be conquered and lived, and you need to approach it VICTORIOUS like a king, or queen. Take it, and make it yours. never ever ever quit.
Find something that pumps you up, gets your blood pumping, Focus on it let it build, use that raw emotion to carry you through the WOD, and  Life. get pissed, get angry, get happy, whatever. just approach it with emotion and never back down.

Here's some kick ass music , the title pretty much sums up what im trying to say.


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