Friday, June 22, 2012

The Angry Globo-Gym Crossfitter.. Episode? The GRUNTER

 The Angry Globo-Gym Crossfitter.. Episode 5 The GRUNTER


Ok ill be the first to admit, that sometimes during a WOD I may let a groan or grunt slip, but this cat is completely different.

We've all see him.
Guns and Roses T shirt with sleeves cut off--CHECK
Three Day beard--Check
Drowned in Aqua Velva---Check
Jean Shorts---Check
A Grunt that could wake a sleeping Elephant--CHECK

So could you do us a favor, tone the grunt down a bit, there is no need to sound like you are giving birth to a blue whale. Am I saying don't ever grunt.. NO
But you don't need to grunt after every rep ,and every pullup, I mean dude, your doing friggen hammer curls....If you have 500lbs on the deadlift bar or a 400 on a backsquat , well then Grunt away. But situps and cable crossovers do not warrant this..
Yeah Im being picky, and a little cranky.. but its all cool...right