Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you faster than a 3rd grader

Jumping jacks and updowns- WAR

Are you faster than a 3rd grader
Doing the same WOD as a group of 3rd graders puts some serious pressure on you to perform

Sprint 10 meters do 1 burpee the first minute
Each minute add 10 meters and 1 burpee
We got to 8 minutes


3 rounds for time
10 boxjumps
10 Pullups
10 pushups
approx 20 meter lunge walk, then driveway run
( Times are for each round )
Mike- 2:45, 3:12, 3:15--Total-9:12
Tracy-3:32, 3:42, 3:44--Total-10:58
Lori- 3:24, 3:29, 3:25--Total-10:28 MD
Paula-3:42, 3:56, 3:32--Total 11:10

Lynn-- Doing her modified workout was also in attendance..

Great job everyone..My legs feel like Jello


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