Friday, May 21, 2010



Random jumble

We got to work outside nice and sunny, and plenty of wildlife, stray dogs and random turkeys Gobbling

4 stations- 5 minute rounds each station- teams

1st station- 10 pushups while partner does 4 deadlifts then switch 225/135
2nd station- 20 yard sprints tag your it
3rd station- Sled Drag about 40 yards while partner does 10 airsquats then switch
4th station- 10 updowns while partner does 4 tireflips then switch

Big 6am group
2 new people Megan and Martha
Lynn was there
and so was Lori, Paula, Mike, and Tracy..and SUE :)


sue Paradis said...

I was there, too, Mike...Tracy and I were partners--remember??

Crossfit Maineiac said...

oops sorry bout that sue..I was a little sleepy...Post fixed LOL

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