Monday, August 16, 2010

4 quarters of Pain

4 rounds 3 exercises each round, 1 minute at each exercise, 3 times through each exercise. 1 minute rest between each set of 3, and 2 minutes between each quarter
Confusing and painful

1st quarter ( BRUTAL Double unders took all my energy away )
KB swing
Double unders

2nd Quarter ( this one wasnt as bad as I thought )
Pushpress 95/65
Box Jumps

3rd Quarter ( Stairs and burpees= pain )
Stair Climb

4th Quarter
Ball Slams

This was a very long and grueling workout

** NOTE ** just following up on my creatine experiment
1- Ive noticed significant increase in recovery time, I recover way quicker now and can perform more WODS
2- I have noticed a slight increase in water retention 2-4 pounds, but Its to be expected as your muscles need to absorb water and creatine to recover, hey Ill take it as long as Im not sore for 3 days


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