Friday, August 27, 2010

For Gods Sake Have FUN

Work outs should be work, yes, but its ok to have fun every once in a while

Recently I had hit a wall. My noontime routing had become that, a routine. Id do the same thing day in day out, mindlessly and it was boring me.
In the pursuit of fitness you will hit these walls occasionally. For some it makes them loose interest and stop altogether, and for some you loose the benefits gained because you not hitting it 100%
So how to avoid or fix this

1. Try Crossift--- yep--its constantly varied and always unique you never see the same thing back to back, its a great way to hit different types of muscles each day
2. Mix it up. For example, I was doing a strength bias workout at noon, the same thing each week, so I simply shifted gears and combined a little strength with alot of cardio, and voila it added renewed vigor to my workouts
3. Make the work unique. Recently i joined my buddy Bob who had created this crazy weird routine, it looked fun and interesting so I said what the heck, and you know what it was fun
4. Reevaluate your goals. if youve already set some, its time to take a look and see how far youve come, are you close, if not then any of the above techniques may help.
5. Take a breather. take a few days off, it wont kill you, go for a hike, go camping whatever, do something unique fun or challenging
6. Remember its your life, go have fun

I welcome your tips and techniques for having fun.


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