Thursday, September 2, 2010

RX OR MD...thats the question

Modification ( MD ), and Prescription ( RX ) both play vital and important roles in your training, especially Crossfit training. Learning how and when to use these tools will greatly improve your ability to both grow in strength and speed and to get in shape faster.

Who what when where why. Modification or MD, is essential to those starting out in Crossfit, or most any athletic endeavor. You do a similar variation of the exercise that is in the workout. the goal is to first, learn the technique, then build the necessary strength, and confidence to more properly perform this exercise.
An example is. The Pullup. The pullup is a deceptively difficult task at first and modification in my opinion is not only critical but necessary to mastering it.
Modifications can include
1-Jumping Pullup
2- Bands
All will help you build the strength and skill required to perform the listed exercise. I will also add that MD'ing an exercise can also be an essential tool to heal from an injury, some studies have shown that light exercise to the injured area actually helps it heal faster.
Now the question comes, when do you stop MD'ing and start RX'ing. In my opinion, once you can perform an adequate number of reps for the MD'd exercise, then its time to start RXing. IE. if you can do 1-3 strict pullups at a time, well then, play around with it. As with anything its really up to you. Challenge yourself, and you will reap rewards.
Well talk about assistive exercises next time.
Id like to hear from some of you how you've MD'd or RX'd your way to greatness.
Sue, Paula, I know this is something you both have done, and conquered.


Sue Paradis said...

When I first started coming to crossfit classes a little over a year ago, I couldn't do regular pushups--I did them all on my knees. I was doing some workouts at home where I would do 5 rounds of 10 butterfly situps, 10 pushups, 10 squats, and 5 stairs for time. I decided that I would try to do half of my pushups on my knees and half regular. After a few months of doing half knee/half regular, I was able to do them all regular. I figured that it was better to do regular pushups--even if it took me longer--than to revert to knee pushups because I could do them faster and easier.

I was willing to get a lower score or a slower time in order to make gains in my strength. I know it's hard in class to do this when you have all your friends going at a certain pace and you want to keep up. But you have to remember why you are at crossfit in the first place: TO GET FIT! Taking the faster/easier route will not reap the same benefits as challenging yourself.

This strategy is what I have gone with in other areas, too. I can do a few pullups, so I'm working on getting the kipping part, so I can do more.
I am also trying to stick with the RX for weights on things like KB swings, DB snatches, thrusters, etc. By doing this, I have surprised myself sometimes in what I can do!

So my message is to forget about the score or clock sometimes. It's NOT a competition against others--it's all about YOU. It's great to be encouraged by others, but don't be pressured into taking the easier route because it will give you a better score.

There are no shortcuts to getting in shape--it takes hard work and pushing yourself to do things that you might not necessarily want to do...and it can be scary! But if you can push through your fear and try to do more, you will make positive gains in your fitness.

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