Monday, September 20, 2010

Train to win

Ok sorry for the long hiatus. Ive been crazy busy. Hopefully you've been diligent and have been training hard. Eating lots of protein and having fun.
What do I mean when I say train to win.
Exactly that.
We have busy lives, work, home, kids etc etc. Gym time should be the time you let it all out. Train like you mean it, that means setting goals and training for the. Push yourself, go to failure. Have fun with it. And for Gods sake release some stress.
if you just show up to the gym each day and go through the motions, guess what , that's all you will get, so so results, sure youl loose a little weight, maybe even gain a few muscles. But if you train like every day at the gym may be your last, train like your livelihood depends on it, and guess what youl start seeing some crazy results.
So go forth, train hard,.
Remember as with any of this. Eat clean and well, consume at least an ounce of protein per pound of body weight, recover, give your body some rest, try some creatine.
Anyway have fun see ya ll on the battlefields


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