Friday, October 1, 2010

My Essential Crossfit List

Ok some of you have been reading my advice, and all that good stuff. Eating lots of protein and crossfiting hard. Here are a few other great sites you should be checking out on a daily basis.

  1. Goes without saying- an absolute first. I check this out for the WOD ( Work out of the day ) its also great to brush up on form and to get motivated. and don't be a slacker get a subscription to the journal
  2. This next site is another must. If your going to be hitting it hard, mobility and stretching are an absolute must Kelly Starrett is an awesome trainer and physical therapist
  3. Crossfit endurance is another great site for crossfitters who want to improve their running and endurance their WOD's are done in conjunction with the main site and supplement it quite well
  4. If strength is your thing the next two links are for you. the guys at 70s big are focused primarly on stregth training Olympic lifting primarily with a little powerlifting but they are also funnya s hell
  5. Crossfit football is another great site for strength bias'd crossfitters
Enjoy have fun train hard eat protein and for God sakes don't ever let me hear you say I cant.......
Youl make me angry


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