Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kick assery and all things awesomeness

So, its been a while since Ive posted.  Work business and other lame ass excuses. Rest assured Ive been training my ass off, eating right and kickin some arse along the way.
This week my topic will be Excuses or just being a general wuss about life... "Yeah you know where this is going."
Life is friggen tough, its hard, not always fair, it'll kick you in your balls, or woman parts, spit in your face and laugh as  it steals your lunch money. When this happens we can react two ways. We can walk around blaming life for being so mean, and crying and moaning about how unfair it is.. OR.. We can get pissed, get in the gym, train hard, and get ready for the next time life comes at ya, and be ready with a steel toed boot of awesomeness to kick life right back in the junk.
Obviously what Im  talking about is attitude, the ability to shrug it off and just keep going. Mental toughness is often overlooked, its sometimes easier to go in blast the guns do some shrugs and build some muscle, but its not as easy to do mental shrugs and shift yourself toward a positive focus.
Mental toughness will not only help you become a better person, but also a better athlete. Think of the last time you performed the crossfit workout Fran, or even a 5k, you have to fight a constant mental battle between you mind and body to just keep going.
Here are some of my top tips to get Mentally tough.
1. Calm down,( Stress will defeat you long before anything else will )
2. Liefs not all bad.( Take time to count your blessings and realize there life is actually pretty freaking awesome)
3. Attitude attitude attitude, if you walk around worrying guess what, its gonna be suckfest for you buddy, but if you hold yourself with confidence and positivity, well then my Friend you rock.
4.Thank the man above. I make no excuses, I believe in the Big man up stairs, and every breath I take is from him. Hallelujah
5.Train hard. Train like a winner and guess what, you will be a winner, train half ass, and you be half ass, simple as that
6. Never quit, never surrender, you fall down, you get up, keep moving forward.
7.Take some time to relax, find a  quiet spot somewhere and just unplug from the hustle and bustle
8. Be awesome,, yep, be awesome

There ya have it, Id like to hear some more ideas from you guys on what you do to beat the mental game


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