Sunday, January 2, 2011

Training For The Apocalypse

I recently read an interesting article about Ashton Kutcher and it was a bit tongue in cheek but I have to say it got me thinking. In it he describes how he is training to prepare himself for the inevitable Armageddon, when society will collapse and he will have to protect his family. I cant believe Im going to say this, but I actually agreed with something Ashton said.. WOW.... Ill post the full article below.
----So here is why I think Crossfit would best prepare you for the oncoming Apocalypse----
To start lets discuss what will be important in the hypothetical Apocalypse.
  • Food
  • shelter
  • protection
  • mobility
  • endurance/ both physical and mental

Lets be honest it wont take much to set off society spark plus, just take away the Internet for a day and we would have riots, add the electrical grid, tv, and cell phone service and holy shit people would go mad.           ( Pretty frigging sad how much we rely on these plastic pieces of junk ). Then the supermarkets would slowly run out of food due to lack of transportation, then people start looting and robbing, you can see easily how this snowball gains speed into total social collapse. So then it falls on you to be strong to survive, physically mentally spiritually.
Crossfit trains the body to be accustomed to being uncomfortable, it mixes cardio, and strength and the ability to endure extreme discomfort at times ( Fran or murph ), it also produces a distinct mental attitude of toughness and I CAN DO IT, that will be vital and necessary to either fend off a looter or run like heck from danger. Strength will be necessary as the weak, the poor and the obese will unfortunately go first, its sad but true people, the strong will survive.
::::SIDE NOTE: It is the INHERENT duty of the strong to protect the weak and innocent and those who cannot protect themselves. So guess what tough people, your gonna have to help protect those who cannot help themselves, its just something that will happen.
Mental toughness I think will be almost as important as physical as times get tougher and tougher, anyone who has done any number of crossfit WOD's know the importance of mental training to make it through a grueling workout. And they also  know the improved confidence that comes from being able to complete such workouts.
So to reiterate crossfit workouts prepare the mind, the body and the individual to be able to perform under almost any physical or mental scenario, it will produce a mentally tough athlete who will posses the necessary physical skills to lead people through the apocalyptic wasteland.
  • Stock up. guns ammo, weapon's, you will need them
  • start growing your own food and learn how to can them
  • learn how to hunt because mc d's and hanafords wont help you if they have no food
  • take an outdoor survival course
  • Get right with the God, cause your going to need all the help you can
  • Throw away that plastic card and start learning how to save and manage your cash, visa wont help you
  • lastly but most importantly start Crossfitting because if you cant run, jump, or lift your fat ass off the ground well, none of the above tips is going to help you
I could go on and on and write a novel about this but Ill leave it brief for now.

Here are a few excerpts from the Ashton article which is in the feb Men's Fitness
Ashton Apocalypse


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