Monday, June 20, 2011

ATTACK your weaknesses

Dont just work on your weaknesses, ATTACK them

Crossfit is a sport that punishes specialization. To be competitive you really need to be well rounded in everything. Now this is easier said than done I know. There are so many different movements and techniques and taking a shotgun approach is not the best way to go about it. Here are my tips to help overcome those weaknesses and tighten up your game.

  1. Identify them. Yep the first step is to identify which movement you are not proficient at. If you've been crossfitting for any length of time you already have a laundry list of things you hate to see come up in a WOD or just movements you know will kick your ass.
  2. Pick 1 or 2. This is the hard part picking 1 or 2 movements to train the heck out of. Choosing to many will just make you crazy and you wont really gain that much.
  3. Develop a strategy to train them. For example I suck at hand stand pushups. So I started either throwing them into a WOD, heavily modified at first. ( Ill go into modification next ), or I would just perform them at the end of my normal workout, or on a rest day. Same thing with my shoulder press.
  4. Modify modify modify. Suck it up and just modify it until you no longer need to. ex ( for HSPU. I use two abmats under my head, I am currently down to one abmat.) For modification and variation go to the crossfit site, or ask a trainer. Crossfit Brand x Scaled workouts
  5. Record your progress. keep a log of your attempts and how you are modifying, this will help determine your progress.
  6. BE PATIENT. Like anything it will take time.
  7. Attack it. don't just train it, but ATTACK it. Don't be discouraged by failed attempt's or seemingly slow progress. Instead use it as fuel to keep going.


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