Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Conan didn't just lift heavy things Over and over and Over and Metcon every day. No he went out and tried new things mixed it up, fought some giant snakes and stuff , so you should too.

Ok seriously though. Mix up your training, throw in some weird stuff, movements from other sports, strongman, gymnastics, soccer, football. you get the idea. Training should be fun, you should look forward to it and count down the hours in between you sessions. I think a vital key is mixing it up and having fun.
Recently a buddy of mine and I  decided to just mix it up so we created a WOD using my car, and a 90 pound vest and a parking lot.
It was push my car 100yds, then run 200 yds w the 90 lb vest, then push the car 100 yds again and then run 200 yds with the vest yet again, do this for a total of three rounds. And you know what, It was FUN, fun as heck, in fact it was awesome. It was something fresh something new, and it broke up the normalcy of our routine forced us to think outside teh box a little and just unwind.
So I encourage you to be like CONAN go be a badass and have some fun. Create some clever and exciting workouts that push you mentally and physically. And leave me a post so I know what you created , always looking for ideas..
Peace out my Friends...
Now go do Awesome....


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