Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Do you Crossfit?

So I know Ive had this question asked to me plenty of times. Usually by my friends who think I'm nuts for putting in two a days, or who just generally enjoy playing XBOX instead of burpees.
So I thought Id dedicate the first true post to exploring this. Why DO we Crossfit?
For me personally its many different things. Im a naturally competitive guy, so Crossfit offers me the way to fill that need for competition. Now competition within crossfit is vastly different i think than any other sport or program. Yes your competing to be the first done or get the best score, but you also take time to encourage and cheer for your fellow crossfiters. During the Maine Fittest Games I knew in event 1 that my only real competition would be Tyler, I felt confidant that i would beat him. But that didn't stop me from screaming and cheering him on as he fought through the grueling workout, and he ended up beating me by 6 seconds, and I was OK with that.(KINDA :) ) Its about pushing yourself, seeing just how far you can go and how much gas you have in the tank. Far too often i feel we settle for far less than we were meant to do, physical spiritually and personally. Crossfit makes us, changes us and forces us to be the best versions of ourselves. One slogan I think that sums it up best is..Crossfit, learn how to not suck at life..... SO WHY DO YOU CROSSFIT?


mike said...
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mike said...
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Anonymous said...

Bill Getty has saved my life. Crossfit Central Maine and Littlefield's Gym have given me the place to turn my life around and be the athlete I've always wanted to be and has changed all aspects of my life and how I approach the world head on. It is ALL about the people for me -- working together and cheering each other on to be the best we can be. I was always a strong person, but Crossfit has not only made me stronger physically, but mentally. I use that Mental Toughness everyday! As many of you know, I've been on a weighloss journey and have 70 lbs off. I'm pushing for 100 off soon. But, as Bill has taught me, and he is so right, slow and steady is winning the race for me. I'll try to keep making you proud Bill! Thanks for taking the time to put this together Mike. I'm sure it will be fun and good for us all.

Crossfit Maineiac said...

The Above is From Karen..I dont know how to Edit posts yet..sorry

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