Monday, January 25, 2010


Some days we are like the buffalo others we are lions. Mostly I try to keep in my mind that we were created to be so much more, and the struggle to be that which we were meant to be, is what makes the essence of life. After all Jesus wouldn't have been remembered if he remained a simple carpenter. Its that life-spark inside us all the call to be something more to do more. Its what drives people to explore, or conquer mountains or run races. Im not talking about the quest for material things, for that is a path that only leads to emptiness. Because you cant take it with you, " Do not store up for yourselves riches on earth, where moth and rust destroy and thieves can steal, but store up for yourselves riches in heaven where nothing can touch it." You get the idea, no matter what your faith is, there is an inherent fire that burns in your souls to do good, to leave the earth just a little better than when you found it and to help those who you can. Yes I sit in my cubicle every day 8-5 but that will never define me. "Im not the shoes I wear, Im not the things I buy, Im not the house I live in, Im not the car I drive", no nothing this Earth can define me, but by my actions my pursuit of life and all its fullness.
The glory of God is man fully alive. Life will wear you down, and make your actions seem insignificant, but you never know, just one conversation one simple act, one spark can ignite a wildfire. So remember you can and will do great things, everyday, never ever sell yourself short.
Now go out and be Alive.


Karen said...

Mom always said, "Leave it better than when you found it." I take that saying very seriously for everything in my life. I've done better than my Mom in taking care of myself, education, career, and friendships. I can only hope to be as great a Mom. I too want my daughter to do better than me like I did with my Mom. "Leaving it better than what you know, or how you found it." Thanks, Mike, for the inspirational pep talk. We all need to hear how we all need motivation in all that we do. That Buffalo/Lion/Croc think freaked me out. As a Mom, I would have done the same thing and went after my baby to get her back no matter what the danger would be. I'm glad I can kick ass if I need to. I'll work on that running really fast stuff too!

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