Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Train as IF

" Watch the awesome video, its long but totally kick ass." Remember life is a Battle Never quit.

Ok your tired, your legs hurt your knees hurt,your brain hurts, I didn't sleep well, I feel ill, my back..etc etc etc. Humans are great at making excuses, we have grown complacent and lazy. The world around us is a cushy pillowy world of convenience. We need food, bam, there's a vending machine, we need water, bam, there's the sink. I often wonder what would happen if you took your average 21st century schlep and dropped him say 400 years in the past how long he'd last without, his Starbucks, or his McDonald or heaven forbid his high speed internet.
We must constantly keep our bodies and our mind in shape. Train as IF, Train as if you might need to use your strength any minute, you never know when you have to lift something off of someone or you have to run from a mugger or any of the millions of scenarios I could come up with. You must keep your body in a constant state of readiness and alertness. You never know when life will throw you a curve ball, or when the crocodiles will come ( Watch the video ).
Lastly its a state of mind, if you face life each day, with this attitude there is absolutely nothing you wont be ready for, and when life happens you will respond. And don't forget the people around you who are there for support and encouragement, the path of life is never easy but its that Never Give up attitude and that constant state of alertness and readiness that will make you a success. you may not ever be the best at something but you'll damn sure be ready for whatever life throws at ya.
Long winded preachy and motivational. i hope you all like it. :)


Sisyphus said...

Crossfit it seems, appeals to first responders, and, to military types, at least that is the market niche that Glassman was initially after. These folks are adrenaline junkies and so the time based protocol, appeals. We might liken these folks to the Spartans, or the Roman Stoics. Perhaps on the other hand we have BodyTribe. Their market niche could be called the Cultural Creatives. Perhaps we might liken them to the Athenians. I love that gym has art exhibits on the walls, and offers concert nights every once in a while. I personally don't feel like I have to be one or the other. Indeed I think each has weaknesses. I find the hyper-intensity of CrossFit to be stress on top of stress -- sometimes. I think at times BodyTribe is so open minded that its brain falls out, sometimes -- too woowoo. I also find value in imagining that my exercise routine is like Zen walking meditation. Which I think is different from both BodyTribe and CrossFit. Life is a complicated and rich experience, sometimes, I'm the lion, sometimes I'm the crocodile, and sometimes, I'm the water buffalo. Sometimes I'm just a middle aged guy, who works a desk job and spends an hour commuting. I think it is important to match the day with your needs. Some days are Spartan, some Athenian, and some are Zen.

Crossfit Maineiac said...

Well put Bob well put.
Someday were the buffalo somedays we are lions.

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