Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Build it back up

So Im all recovered from the long weekend. What an adventure. The CRASH-B's were a success CFCM now has the 13th ranked women rower in the world, the 15th, 40th and 42nd rank men rowers in the world. Hard work pays off.
So here's my short reflection on my training and preparation.
My technique was good until the last 500m
My Cardio could have been way better
All in all I stuck to my game plan and it went well

This next year I will focus on 2 things, Increased cardio, and increased muscle strength

Tuesday Workout
Morning-5k run , Noon- SS( Starting Strength Program. Warmup 2k row, Bench, BackSquat, Shoulder Press, Deadhang pullups)

Wed Workout- Morning- CFCM class ( Deck of Cards workout ), Noon-SS ( Front Squat, Deadlift , Power Clean, Pullups)

Heres a video to get you motivated


Karen said...

Great song choice Mike. We did it! We made it through. Next year I want to make my goal of being top 10! Thanks for the pushing.

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