Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Competition Day Put on Your game Face

New England Crossfit Sectionals today and tommorow. Ill be posting CFCM's own Tyler Q's times.
His first event is at noon.
Sprint 800m, then 30 115lb snatches then sprint 800m

Lets all cheer him on, and say some prayers for him. Its going to be a tough an dgrueling 2 days, but lets hope he makes the top 30.
Post your coments to him and his family if you want, Im sure they would love the support and encouragement

Event 1 results
9:34- 4th in heat 17th overall


Anonymous said...

Tyler...we all know you would have made it through! Your a brave guy and I love you, mom

Karen said...

I was checking the site yesterday and saw that Tyler only had one event. I was hoping he didn't get hurt, but I just found out the news..... Tyler, It breaks my heart to hear about your ankle. I know how hard you have worked to get to where you are now. Next Year! A bunch of us will be ready to go with you! You still Rock and had the pride and guts to even go.

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