Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Setting GOALS


We all know the importance of setting goals as an athlete, they help you to improve, they help you to grow, they help you to fight off boredom, and they make you more badass .
( like these two dudes above ).

What often gets overlooked is how to actually set a REASONABLE goal.  What do I mean by reasonable, and why do I love CAPS LOCK so much? A reasonable goal is something attainable, something to shoot for in the near future, something you can realistically look forward to, something that can be achieved in 3-6 months.
Example: If you currently have a 200lb deadlift. " I wanna deadlift 500 by the end of the year " is not a reasonable goal, ( Unless you plan on doing NOTHING but deadlift 5 days a week for a year )
A more reasonable goal is something like "In 3 months I want to deadlift 225 "
Because you get to taste success, and feel the sweet satisfaction of accomplishing a goal. And then you can set a new goal.

This is where allot of people go wrong. They set an unattainable goal, and when they dont reach it they feel discouraged, weak , inadequate, and less of a crossfit badass then they should. By dialing it back a bit you have a more workable approach, that will give you something to shoot for without crushing your soul when you cant accomplish your goal.

Some tips:

  • TALK TO YOUR COACH!!!!! yep caps lock again, because if your lucky enough to Crossfit at a decent box, and have a good coach, then ask them for advice first. They have seen you day in day out, they know what you are capable of, and will tell you if your being unrealistic.
  • Start small, take baby steps. think 3-6 months out and shoot for that.
  • DONT obsess about it. Crossfit is about GPP ( General Physical Preparedness ) so specializing in one thing will make you really good at one thing but the rest will suffer, so just Chill out
  • Make a game plan. Find a way to work on the lift or skill while still maintaining a normal WOD schedule
  • Be Cool with failure. Life is hard, sometimes you will not succeed, don't bitch about it , just adjust your goal and game plan, and attack it again. Sometimes you will just suck at something, that's life
  • LASTLY celebrate. When you hit that goal. Party your ass off, you worked hard, and you earned it. rip off your shirt, run around the gym, eat some bacon, do whatever you want, its your special day.
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