Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weakness's and how to attack them

START Here first::: are you Donny Shankle, No.. Keep Reading. If you are, then, You sir Are Awesome.

Here we are once again , Coffee slowly dripping into our systems, recovering from the WOD or preparing for one. Contemplating that missed Lift, or that Technical skill that taunts you like a schoolyard bully. You cringe in fear, cross your fingers, say a prayer and hope it doesn't come up. I mean, who needs to do Hand stand pushups or muscle ups any way, really. So you go to your box and BAM, there it is on the whiteboard, your nemesis, your arch enemy, glaring at you, in dry erase marker big bold letters, and all you can read is, "I suck at this movement". So what do you do, what do you do.???

First off spongebob dont let the anxiety and fear take over. Were going to get through this. Now its time for a plan

Step1: Pick ONE thing, yep you heard me correctly, pick ONE thing. Too many people get caught up in trying to improve like 5 things all at once, this doesn't work in life, and it wont work in crossfit. So choose one skill, lift, technique, something you suck at, write it down, because its going to be your friend for the next 3 months.
Step 2: ASK for help. Yep, suck it up girlfriend, you need advice. So find a trainer, find a coach, find an old wizened wizard skilled in the art of Ninjitsu. You get the idea. A coach, or trainer, or BFF can help you break down the movement, and give you advice to help improve your form, and go over assistive exercises to help you conquer this sucka.
Step3: Practice . I like to throw it into my warmup if possible. For example. Last year I sucked at Double Unders, It was pathetic. So I put them into my warmup before a wod, 4 rounds of 10 Du's, 5 pushups, 10 squats, 10 situps. Keeping the rep scheme simple helped me to work on technique and speed, and I was practicing them alot because they were a warmup. Slowly I got good at them and now I do not fear them.
Step 4: Assistive exercises. Whatever your weakness is, there are exercises, or lifts, or techniques, called assistive exercises, these will help you build the necessary strength and technique to perform the movement correctly and efficiently.
STEP5: GO SLOW, that right slow yourself down a bit, or else Chuck Norris here will find you and YOU DONT WANT that. Srsly, its going to be a slow process so take your time, no one should expect to be stringing 30 muscle ups together after 2 short weeks. So don't get frustrated if it seems like its taking forever. Just Chill K

So to Sum it up
Identify---Seek Help---Make a Plan---Practice---Be Patient



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