Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Remember that scene in Rocky 4 when Stallone beats the Russian, and the whole crowd is going nuts , and admit it, you were too. I think that is what this match up would be like.

Lets meet the contenders:
In this Corner our heavyweight from the U.S. of A. Donny Shankle
Donny Shankle: Training out of California Strength.. Donny is a very un-assuming guy, he looks like a dude you would see at a nascar race, just chilling with a beer and listening to Skynard. ( Editors note: Donny please don't kill me, just kidding bro ). But that the coolest thing about him, he looks like an average dude, someone we could just chill with on the back deck and talk about life and stuff. But don't let the laid back demeanor fool you, this dude is a B.E.A.S.T. He exudes quiet confidence as he strides to the bar, and he is all business as he executes his lifts. See the two vids below.  For those of us who don't know Kilo's Ill do the math for you.  The Clean and Jerk=462 lbs or 210 Kilo, The Snatch=381 lbs or 173 kilo. RIDICULOUS...


Now Lets meet his Opponent: Dimitri Klokov a Russian Powerhouse, he was born and bred on Lifting big and heavy. His Dad was a heavyweight world champion as well, so Dude has the genetics to do this. Most of what I know about him I have gotten from YouTube videos . He is one MEAN looking dude, his face while snatching or cleaning is scary, im a full grown man and it frightens me. His lifts are even more impressive. 196kilo  snatch or 431 lbs, and 232 kilo clean and jerk or 510 lbs. Again these numbers are just unreal.  See the Vids below


So in the battle between these two BEAST's who would win? Well the numbers are on klokov's side, but I personally have to go with my homeboy Donny. You can hear the crowd now chanting as he steps up to defeat the Russian Juggernaut, " DONNY , DONNY, DONNY " . I for one would love to see this David Vs Goliath type match up, and hopefully at the 2012 Olympics we shall. 

Hope you all enjoyed a little change of pace please please check out both these tremendous lifters, learn from them, and grow strong. Practice your quiet confidence like Shankle, or your anger face like Klokov, either way have fun.


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