Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Burpees and More Burpees

Burpee Demo:

CFCM-( Crossfit Central Maine Daily WOD )

row 500 meter
then 3 rounds of
50 mountain climbers
10 Box jump
10 air squat

Then finish with
TADA----50 burpees

This was a lot tougher than it looked My legs were burning by the end of teh first round and once I hit the burpees forget it I had no gas left in the tank.
Great job sheila..1 second..pure awesomeness

6 AM Times

Paula--500m ( 2:20.8 )....15:29 overall RX
Lori---500m (2:05.2 ).....14:56 overall RX
Sheila-500m (2:04.7 ).....13:54 overall RX
Mike---500m (1:37.0 ).....13:53 overall RX

Remember to post your comments anything really, lets try to get the other classes to view and post here as well so we can keep in touch with one another have a good one guys and gals.


Karen said...

Asside from the rowing, these are the times when you don't want to see the workout before you walk into the pit :) I'll be there for 5:30 class, no matter what though. 50 burpess will be a few pounds off for me!

Sheila said...

Thanks Mike, the only thing that kept me going was the chance to beat you at a workout again finally, otherwise I would have slowed waaaaaaay down when the "no air in my lungs" feeling hit during the burpees. And like Bill said, it really was probably only a 1/2 second not a full second.

Sue Paradis said...

This one really hurt my lungs--I'm still coughing!! Mountain climbers slowed me down...and then there were those @#$% burpees...need to work on better technique for those to get faster.

500m (2:04.00).....17:30 overall

Crossfit Maineiac said...

Great time, this workout was a lung burner for sure

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