Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lift, Run, Eat, Crossfit, Get Strong

DONT be like this guy

WED Morning CFCM class
Mickeys Evil Deck of Cards
Burpees, Pushups, SuperCrunch, KettleBell squat. Jokers were 8 stairclimbs

Times 6am
Mike-25:20 rx
Shiela-25:52 rx
sue-27:35 rx?
Karen-29:44 Mens RX

So remember get stronger and faster,because when the zombies come you need to outrun them, or be strong enough to fight....


Sue Paradis said...

I did knee push-ups, so no RX for me... also, I had to use a 20# KB, since the 25# ones were all gone...
You do need to correct Paula's time, though--she beat me by a few seconds--I think her time was 27:32. Darn those @#%$! burpees!!!

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