Monday, April 19, 2010

Get your Liftin On

This morning workout CFCM
5sets of 5 rep Back-squat. Work your way up to your max for 5 reps

6AM class ( Early morning Tough CHICKS class..and Mike and Rob) :)

Sue-Getting out of Bed early, Max-145
Tracy- Max-135, failed at 145
Paula-aka Paula powerhouse--Max 125, failed at 135
Sheila- Max 160, failed at 165
Karen--Lifting with the boys, Max 225, failed at 235
Rob--The squatting animal, Max 385, made it look too easy
Mike--Max 315, failed at 335

Tough workout, legs and back are aching. Its a good one to start the week off with

Then for Fun we had the BURPEE CHALLENGE
30 burpees for time, and epic battle of endurance and will

1st heat
Sheila-1:30 after an awkward fall..LOL
Karen-1:43 way to go

2nd heat, reining 1st and second place holders Tracy and Mike, and challenger Rob


Great fun, love the competition and energy this morning, it was a very fun class.


Sue Paradis said...

I may try getting to the early class more often--love how Bill adds the extra 'fun' after the main workout...I bet he loves going to the dentist, too!

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