Monday, April 5, 2010

The Power To Keep Going

In war, as in love, we must come into contact before we can triumph.

-Napoleon I

Today was a great workout at CFCM, we did Tiger a great lifting workout, my shoulders forearms and wrists are tired, but its a good tired, a feeling of accomplishment and triumph.
I wanted to push my self today and it worked. round 4 I did 135 and struggled hard fought through it. Round 5 I stepped it up to 145, heres the interesting thing, physically, 145 didn't feel any different, mentally though somehow I had already lost. I was "prepared to not finish the set" inside my head I had already quit. Maybe it was exhaustion or maybe it was pain, but either way before I started the first clean it was over.

But its a great lesson, mental focus is such a hugely important matter when it comes to any crossfit program, any power-lifting program, or life in general. You must prepare yourself mentally for the challenge at hand. And never ever think about failure, failure will happen, whether we focus on it or not, so why bother even worrying about it.
Here are some tips
1- Focus on your breathing, and keep calm
2-Focus on your form, don't let it break down as you tire
3- Visualize each portion of your lift before it happens, see each movement before you perform it, the link between visual stimuli and your muscle reaction is well documented
4-Think of the Victory, think of how good it will feel to accomplish this task and focus on that
5-Dont get mad if you fail, like life, you will fail, but it will only make you stronger

And lastly train what u suck at, if a certain lift is keeping you back, train it, start light and work form till you get it down then increase the weight. Next time you will not fail.
Good Luck

Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up.


Karen said...

This was my first time doing Tiger. I got 415.

Sheila said...

my score was 305. Needs some explanation though. Score on this workout is deceiving. this score is 20 points higher than the last time I did it, but I didn't lift any heavier weight, so I don't feel I progressed any. Score could've even been higher, but Bill miscalculated amount on first round and it was actually 10 lbs lighter than we (women) intended to start. It felt light.... for a while I was feeling really strong! I also didn't know we were adding up for a total score, I thought your score was your heaviest weight. Knowing it's a total score, next time I think I'll lift heavy in the beginning (when I'm fresh) and go lighter at the end if needed.

Jessica said...

Sheila, i think your right about how to approach this one, I had done it before, and knew the scoring, but thought I was going to be able to do more than I was actually able to do - I thought I could get one round in at 95, but after doing 85, I knew I couldn't get 95. I think starting heavy when fresh is a great idea... and one I will try next time as well... all in all, I know Ill never catch Karen on this one, so all I can try to do is best my score (385)...

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