Friday, April 16, 2010


Sorry I haven't had a post in a while

GRAB LIFE. Get up off the couch turn off the tv, put down the bag of Doritos, and go out and grab life by the horns. Do something; anything. Do not settle for mundane or ordinary, step out of your comfort zone and do something.
That is why I love crossfit, and why i think it works as well as it does. Whether your a 45 year old mother of two or an 30 year old ex couch potato. Crossfit forces you to go outside your comfort level , forces you to try new things, lift heavy object and run fast. It makes your body pour sweat and your heart pound. Ultimately it makes you feel alive, its the sweat, the pain and the thrill of it all that lets you know your alive.
I have seen so many people transform themselves into confident, and vibrant people. To see a woman get all jacked up over lifting 280 pounds, or watching someone gettheir first pullup or muscleup, is pure awesome. Its that feeling of doing something exceptional, that feeling of getting and gaining strength and endurance is truly remarkable.
Do Not Let Fear keep you back.
Dont worry about what everyone else is doing, dont worry what you look like all sweaty and out of breath, don't worry about people looking at you. Transform yourself into a more confident, more capable and more energetic person. Dont be like everyone else, dont be lazy, and don't be normal. Just go and do. Step out and grab life by the horns and you will never be the same.


Karen said...

Very inspiring Mike. You have come so far and look great -- keep up the great work!!!

Where the heck where you when I pull 285 and 290 (event though that one didn't count because I hipped it at the top.)

Sue Paradis said...

I agree with you, Mike--crossfit is like no other exercise program out there...I'm actually nervous every time I go, not knowing what to expect. Sometimes when I look at what Bill has planned for the class I think, "OMG--we're doing THAT??!!" And then you do it and you feel fantastic at what you've's what keeps me coming back week after week and what motivates me in other areas of my life. I only wish I had discovered crossfit back in my 20's, not in my mid-40's...

Karen said...

I feel the same way Sue. I guess High Impact Aerobics/Step Aerobics in my 20's was as close to Crossfit as I was ever going to get 20 years ago! And no Mike, I never wore warm up leggings.....

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