Friday, April 23, 2010

Why I Crossfit

So i can punch a shark right in the face

Friday CFCM workout
four rounds: Med ball cleans, Hang Clean 95/65, SitUp Spider PushUps,
Rd1 21, 10, 3: Rd2 15, 10, 9: Rd3 9, 10, 15: Rd4 3, 10, 21

BRUTAL shark punching power builder

Mike- 8:34 rx
Tracy-9:59 Rx
Sue-13:23 rx
Lori-9:52 md
Lynn- Joining the 6am class for the first time, powered through a modified workout, that looked hellish, involving stair climbs and dumbbell presses, but Lynn a Retired Marine stuck with it, way to go..kick ass, I mean PUNCH A SHARK..



Sue Paradis said...

No Rx for me (again!)--I only had 50lbs for the hang clean...I will get an Rx one of these days, by golly!!

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